Echo offers exceptional service with the most customization available!


Auto Role, Word Filter, Name Filter, Auto Nickname, Remove Special Characters from names!

Auto Response System

Allows people to setup Echo to do anything they wish! Comes with a vast library of keys!

Discord Events

Allowing users to manipulate & link Discord Events to your A.R.S Rules!

Echo for Developers

Using your A.R.S and linking rules to your Events, you can have echo send your data to any website you want!


Most of Echos functions are available in his A.R.S.

Echo not responding?

type .enableall

Command Info Usage Permissions
helpDisplays a customizable help file.helpEveryone
debugWill private message you with permissions for Echo in your server.debugCommanders
useroleBy default anyone with Manage Server Permissions has access to
Echos Master commands. However you can use this command to work on a role based system
userole true/falseCommanders
botcommanderIf you have userole set to true, than by default Echo will look for the role Bot Commander You can change the role using this command.botcommander Role NameCommanders
addmasterGives someone access to all mod commands!
(this command only works if userole is enabled!)
addmaster @UserCommanders
greetSays the message when someone joins
Use {pm} to pm the greet. [more]
greet MessageCommanders
byeSays the message when someone leavesbye MessageCommanders
denylinksTurns the AntiLinks system on.denylinksCommanders
allowlinksTurns the AntiLinks system offallowlinksCommanders
prefixChanges Echo's prefix from prefix +Commanders
autoroleAuto roles someone when they join.
For silent add -s before role name.
autorole Role NameCommanders
kickKicks non-commanders from the server.kick @User Commanders
banBans non-commanders from the servers.ban @UserCommanders
setpunishSet's the punishment for AntiLink and warnsetpunish kick\ban\warnCommanders
giveGives someone a role.give @User Role NameCommanders
takeTakes a role away from someone.take @User Role NameCommanders
autoAdds a trigger to your A.R.S Hello={init}Hey {user}!Commanders
auto64Adds a trigger to your A.R.S Database with an Encrypted Response..auto64 Hello={init}Hey {user}!Commanders
inspectInspects a response of your trigger (Will decrypt auto64)inspect triggerCommanders
delautoDeletes an A.R.S Trigger.delauto triggernameCommanders
viewautoViews your A.R.S Files in chat.viewautoCommanders
viewregOnly view the Pure Regex A.R.S Rules.viewregCommanders
wipeautoWipes your A.R.S File completely.wipeautoCommanders
locateipGeo Location for an IP Address or Domain.locateip IP or .comEveryone
channelidGrabs the current channels ID.channelidEveryone
getidGrabs a user's ID.getid @UserEveryone
clearDeletes x amount of messagesclear 10
clear @User 15
autochannelChanges the channel Echo announces autorole in.autorole #channelCommanders
greetchannel(if {pm} is not found) changes channel the greet is sent to.greetchannel #channelCommanders
namefilterChanges prohibited words in peoples names on join.Usage DetailsCommanders
filterManage Word FilterUsage DetailsCommanders
startfilterEnables the Word Filter. startfilterCommanders
stopfilterDisables the Word Filter. stopfilterCommanders
autonickSets nickname on user join.Usage DetailsCommanders
checkprofileChecks to see if the channel is linked to a profile.checkprofileCommanders
lockprofileLocks channel to an A.R.S Profile.lockprofile profile-nameCommanders
unlockprofileUnlocks profile from channel and sets it to default A.R.S. unlockprofileCommanders
profilesLists all your A.R.S Profiles by name.profilesCommanders
save -pSaves current A.R.S To a new profilesave -p new-profile-nameCommanders
load -pLoads an A.R.S Profile as your default A.R.S DB..load -p profile-nameCommanders
delete -pDeletes an A.R.S Profile.delete -p profile-nameCommanders
grabarsGrabs your A.R.S Database and sends the file to your PM.
You can manually edit it and than drag the file back to your server.
trackerStatistics on Joins and Leaves for your server.trackerCommanders
debugGives you statistics on what could be wrong.debugCommanders
enableallEnabled all commands.enableallCommanders
allowreminderAllows mods to use the reminder system.allowreminderCommanders
denyreminderDisables the reminder system in your server.denyreminderCommanders
remindSets a reminder in your server.remind 5s messageCommanders
define funcCreates an A.R.S Function Learn here!define func FuncName(?):???Commanders
deflistDisplays your local A.R.S Functions Learn here!deflistCommanders
wipedefsWipes your defined functions Learn here!wipedefsCommanders
findkeySearch your A.R.S For a key, display the trigger(s)findkey {/user}Commanders
safelinkAuto bans (on join) if the user is on Discord Banlistsafelink true\falseCommanders